Thank you for choosing Home Theater on Any Budget 



If you use the Services or otherwise indicate that you accept them, you have  accepted this Agreement and are bound by its terms. 


• Crossing studs for cable concealment $20.00 each stud. 

• Power bridge includes up to 4’ of electrical wire. 

• Standard Installation includes up to 5’ high, additional $30 every 2 feet.

• Please be advised the amount of cables to be concealed inside a plastic  wire track is limited. Home Theater on Any Budget DOES not supply  plastic wire tracks or covers. 

• Wire concealment inside wall for interior wall and when possible. HDMI’s,  Ethernet, RCA’s or Optical cables are Not included, but available for an  additional charge. 

• Universal remote control or receiver/amplifier programming are not  included (unless provided on estimate). Service can be provided for an  additional charge when possible. 

• All Installation above fireplace requires onsite visit for estimate.


• Customer’s supplied mount includes non-specialized mounts, only tilting  and articulating. 

• For any equipment up to $4,999.99 has to be paid in full in advance. 

• Equipment and Installation starting on $5,000.00 up to $9,999.99 need all  material and electronics to be paid in advance.  

• Equipment and or Service of $10,000.00 or more has to be paid in full, but  in the following order: 

1. Equipment 

2. General Contractor Work 

3. Installation 

• Mounts provided by customer that need assembly will result in an  additional charge from $15.00 and up upon complexity. 

• Service includes a one-time visit. During the time of visit: Customer’s  failure to provide or supply the necessary equipment/material or Internet  service, due to but not limited to damage, incompleteness, incompatibility  and/or unavailability circumstances that avoids the job completion;  customer will still be on default to pay for the visit and service provided.  Additional visit to be charged separately.


• An ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) will be sent by text message once the  AV Specialist is on the way. Customer agrees to the following arrival  windows: Sales visits is a 1HR arrival window from the time scheduled.  Service and installations visits are a 2HR arrival window from the time  scheduled. 

• AV Specialist will not be responsible to remove any shelf or art  

decorations from the wall that they will be installing the TV or Sound  System.  

• If the customer is providing the TV and Bracket. All parts/equipment has  to be present at the moment of the service and or installation. 

• TV Wall Mounting Offer: Includes installation of electrical outlet behind TV  and concealment of wires when possible. 

• Hook-up of components (cable box, DVD player, etc.) to TV, if available at  the time of visit. 

• Mounts provided by customer that needs assembly will result in an  additional charge from $15.00 and up upon complexity. 

• Home Theater On Any Budget (HTOAB) shall perform all Services with promptness and in a workmanlike manner using due care and  

professional diligence, and shall re-perform any non-conforming Services  brought to HTOAB attention (via phone, facsimile or e-mail) within a period  of thirty (30) days following the completion of the Services under the  Purchase Order or Invoice. HTOAB does not warrant any equipment  provided. The Customer shall register the equipment directly with the  manufacturer to obtain manufacturer warranty. HTOAB shall not be  responsible for materials, equipment, devices, and parts provided by the  Customer. 


You agree to pay all charges, fee, and taxes associated with the Service (s),  including, without limitation, installation charges. You are agreeing to pay at the  moment when the service is provided. 


HTOAB will not dispose any customer boxes. HTOAB suggest to save boxes for  at least 30 days. 


• Multiple TVs discount (4 TVs or More): 5% discount of the total to be  applied ONLY when the service is scheduled and provided on the same  visit. Customer failure to provide necessary equipment to complete job or  decides to reduce the number of TVs installed on the visit, discount will  not be applied